Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Update and look at filters

Today I did some extra filming and uploaded my clips to start editing. I finally got my clock edited and sped up a lot to see the hands moving around the clock very quickly. This works effectively through out the sequence and know is my main feature.

I have been working on using filters to add atmosphere to the opening and make the shots look distorted or eerie.

Here I've used Echo to add to the sense of movement and disorientation. This shot really needed something added to it as otherwise it would have just been me spinning round. The effect disguises this a bit but I've decided to use this shot in short burst to make sure it has the right effect.

This is colour offset which creates this rainbow effect seen above. It's a bit weird a the moment but I might keep it as at the moment there's a lack of colours in the opening. While it is supposed to be gloomy, washed out and dark to fit in with the horror element of the genre.
I will see how it looks in the cut and then make a decision.

I will try to include other effects to keep some variety.

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