Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This is our Preliminary project which is to demonstrate that we are capable of continuity editing, the primary purpose of which is to 'smooth over the inherent discontinuity of the editing process and to establish a logical coherence between shots'. The idea is to make the editing invisible to the viewer allowing them to focus on the narrative and action.

We were asked to include the following shots.


This was the first shot of the clip and also acts of as an establishing shot, informing the viewer of the location and the general appearance of the first character.


Here we begin with a close-up on the door handle that follows the motion of the door in to the second shot creating a flow of action that's easy to follow despite the change of angle


A reaction shot, as the title suggests, shows the viewer a characters reaction to an event. Here it is just the realisation that the first character has entered the room, but it can be used to add dramatic effect to sequences. In this case we are also introduced to the second character in the clip.


The 180 degree rule decrees that when capturing shot counter shots in conversations, the camera must be on the same side of the imagine 180 line going down the middle of the two characters. This is to avoid disorientating the viewer when switching between two sides of the conversation.


This describes a shot when the camera is at a short distance from the object in the frame. Here it is to draw attention to the money in that has been used to buy the drugs, informing the audience of just what has been exchange and some idea of what has been spent.

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