Friday, 16 December 2011

How to update Night of the Eagle

Modern day fears
Our teacher suggested that we include a modern day fear - something that would appeal to modern audiences and that is of the hoodie or working class young people.

This article here explains just why many British Horror films are using British youth as bad guys suggesting it is because British Youth are "a longterm excluded class, simply not needed, who often take control of their communities through aggression or running their alternative economy, based on things like drug-dealing or protection rackets".

This article is about the film Harry Brown and mentions Eden Lake:

Both have British Youth as feral and wild killers.

Just have a look this trailer for the film F which was shot at CRC.
In the film Heartless, the whole world of the Hoodie - the dark inner city, high rise flats - becomes the setting for a tale of demons and the supernatural. Gone is the classic gothic setting for horror - now the streets of the inner city are the scary places.
And now, just to confirm what an established screen representation the hoodie is, whole films can based upon a parody of them such as the new film from Joe Cornish, Attack the Block. Look how the 'hoodie' is described (for comedy purposes) as the 'Deadliest species in the galaxy'.

With this in mind my idea is to take this world of working class Britain as the setting of my film, so moving away from middle-class university types to perhaps inner city competition between couples than uses witchcraft rather than violence to settle differences. Rather than academic achievement the rivalry could be about possession, neighbourhood one up manship.

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