Saturday, 17 December 2011

Horror Make-up Workshop

He used Alexi as a model for his mask. He first glued a bald cap to his head, the glue was speical formuale which isnt harmful to humans and can be easily removed. He then needed him to add nose plugs so he an keep breathing when applying the mixture. James covers the whole of his face and removes the plugs so he dont get an odd shape on the nose. James then used plaster cast on the mould to create a hard base for the blue mould as its very bendy and will keep a better shape when making the mask. he had to let it dry competly before removing it off Alexi face. he then created the mask inside with another formuale.
I enjoyed how fun it looked to have your mask done for you. James was very intersting and it sounds like a really cool job, however, It suprised me how long he actually has to make the mask. 
The tips i remember is that never to use latex as it spoils the mixture and you have to use ponital. Another tip is that you have to clog the nose holes when making the mask and the best is a none dry able lay.
The other tip is to research appropriate materials in order to make it safe for the user

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